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Free Aiden Aslin t-shirt

Aiden Aslin is a British born Ukraine Marine. He fought imperialist Russian forces for over a month in Mariupol before he was captured with his unit when they ran out of food and ammunition. Aiden is currently a prisoner of war, detained by Russian forces. He is being paraded in front of Russian state media (with the help of Western collaborators), who accuse him of being a neo-Nazi and a mercenary. Aiden Aslin is neither of those things. He is not a fascist or an authoritarian. He is a fully trained Ukraine Marine and has been with them for five years.

Aiden previously fought against ISIS in Syria alongside the Kurdish forces of the YPG. Aiden Aslin fought as an internationalist volunteer (he wasn’t paid) who wanted to fight against totalitarianism and barbarism. He then came home to the UK, before joining the Ukraine Marines.

At Popular Front we’ve known Aiden for years. He is a good man with ethics and morals. He is not a bloodthirsty mercenary. He is a British internationalist fighter turned Ukraine Marine, who is now captured.

We are selling this t-shirt to raise awareness of Aiden Aslin’s situation. Obviously they won't convince Russia one iota to free him, but 100% of the profits for this t-shirt will be donated to Aiden’s fiancé in Ukraine to assist with any legal or life issues that arise during this trying time. At Popular Front we believe it's important to always help your friends where you can. We're reporters, but we're also humans. This t-shirt fundraiser has been OK'd by Aiden's family.

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